Aaron and Nancy Palmatier

United States

Role: Vice President of Ministry

Ministry Focus

Aaron and Nancy served as church planters in Northern Mexico during their first seven years with Missions Door. They took part in starting three new churches in Baja, California and one in Sonora.

In 2000 Aaron’s ministry increased as he began to serve as the National Ministry Director for the country of Mexico. This included giving oversight to the church planters, both foreign and national, as well as oversight of SEBANO, the Conservative Baptist Seminary in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

In the last 15 years Aaron’s ministry with Missions Door has continued to grow. Today, with over 20 years of service, Aaron is the Ministry Director for Asia, Mexico and South America.

His ministry includes training missionaries and pastors as well as leading short-term mission teams to the various countries where he serves. The biggest area of need for all the foreign fields is financial support for the indigenous missionaries and local pastors. To meet this need Aaron starts economic projects in the poorest countries so that missionaries and ministries will not be dependent on foreign funds.

Faith Story

Aaron and Nancy Palmatier were both born in California, raised in Catholic homes, and became Christians as young adults. They met while students at California State University in Chico. After graduating in 1985, they went their separate ways.

In 1986, Aaron became associate pastor at Central Baptist Church in Sacramento, California. Moving into an area with a high rate of crime, drugs and prostitution, he began working among young people.

In 1987, Nancy served with the Latin America Mission Spearhead Program in Mexico City. There the Lord gave her a vision for missions and a heart for Latin American people.

Aaron and Nancy met again in 1988. The following year they were married and continued serving as a team in the church where Aaron was ministering. After eight years of ministry in Sacramento, Aaron and Nancy were appointed in 1994 by Missions Door for ministry in Mexico.


Aaron and Nancy have two children: Manuel and Karina.