François and Nathalie Turcotte

Missionary Profile

Ministry Focus

François was appointed by Missions Door in 2018. Much of his work involves the training and discipleship of leaders in the churches of Canada. In 2007, he took on the role of part-time pastor at his church while working part time with SEMBEQ, a ministry that focuses on Church-based leadership training and theological education. Now, 15 years later, François serves as President of this organization that seeks to serve the French Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada (AEBEQ) in the training of ministry workers and disciples. François is also an elder in a new church plant in an urban setting in the heart of Montreal where he is also involved in the coaching of future pastors.  

Faith Story

François grew up as an only child in Montreal. While his family did not attend church together, François occasionally attended Catholic church with his mother and grandmother, where he was intrigued by their religious practices. He says, “[this] planted in my heart a curiosity and an attraction for the divine”. At thirteen years old, François remembers his aunt and uncle returning home one night to announce that they had converted to Jesus Christ. From then on, they were convinced that they would go to heaven after dying and that their sins were forgiven. François was intrigued by this major change in them and took time to listen carefully to them. After many conversations with his aunt, two Christians from a neighborhood Evangelical Church stopped by and systematically explained God’s redemptive plan. François learned that he was separated from God because of his sins and that the just consequence was going to hell when he died. They then explained to him the salvation that comes through faith in Jesus Christ alone. François understood that God, the Father, had sent his only Son to die a substitutionary death on the cross so that he, being the one needing punishment, could be totally forgiven. Upon hearing this good news, he repented and asked Christ to save him from hell. His spiritual growth was slow after conversion. He had no Christian friends or role models, and his home life was not always ideal. But when he was fourteen, François’ family decided to attend Repentigny Baptist Church on a regular basis, and his faith “took off”. François was baptized, received teaching, and got involved with the church. François is still in awe today at the grace of God. He says, “His love gives me the joy I need to face every day, and my attachment to God’s Word is ever growing”.  


  • B.A. in Mathematics 1991
  • B.Th. in 2000 (SEMBEQ)
  • MA in Pastoral Studies 2013
  • D.Min. March, 2024




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As prosperity welcomes diversity, nationals and immigrants create a multicultural mosaic

Despite a reputation for arctic snow and ice, Canada also encompasses the beauty of the Great Lakes and Niagara Falls, as well as boreal forests, mountain ranges and the world’s longest coastline. Northern Lights often set the winter skies aglow.

Canadian society fosters respect for different nationalities that create a colorful mosaic of distinct multicultural traditions.

An increasing number of immigrants now call Canada home, in addition to descendants of Aboriginals and European settlers. Cities like Vancouver and Toronto are at the heart of this quickly changing demographic, as people from all over the world seek the opportunities of a prosperous and progressive country.

Canada faces its share of modern societal problems, especially tensions between different ethnic and language groups, and pockets of poverty and unemployment. During the last 20 years, religious participation among Canadians has declined as younger generations report attending services less frequently than do older generations.

Your participation with Missions Door enables pastoral training, leadership training, church planting and social outreach to strengthen the influence of Christianity in Canada.

Cultural Snapshot

As a variation of stick and ball games, ice hockey developed significantly due to its popularity in Canada, where the first indoor hockey game was played in 1875 in Montreal.

Faith Fact

One in five native-born Canadians report attending services at least monthly. Immigrants are twice as likely to attend.

Country Profile

Population: 35 million

Major Religions: 39% Catholic, 27% Protestant, 24% unaffiliated, 11% other

Languages: 57% English (official), 21% French (official), 16% bilingual

Literacy: 99%

Poverty: 12%



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, Canada