Ravy and Sokha Manickam


Service Area: International

Ministry Focus

In June of 2014 Ravy was appointed by Missions Door to oversee the ministries and churches being served by Cambodian Ministries for Christ under the supervision of his brother, Radha Manickam.

Ravy worked for World Vision Cambodia from 1992 until April 2014. In 1991 God called Ravy and Sokha to work with Cambodian people and with leaders of the Christian community in Cambodia through the Church of Christ the Savior as assistant pastor and elder. He has also served on the Cambodia Board since 2001.

Faith Story

Ravy was born of Indian descent and raised in the city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Both of his parents came from Brahman backgrounds and were devout Hindus. God began speaking to Ravy’s heart when he attended a Christian church with his brother, Radha, in 1972 and 1973.

Ravy became a Christian in 1990. The Rev. Saman Nget, a Cambodian evangelist, spoke to him and he accepted Jesus as his only God and Savior along with his entire family. The Gospel that had been introduced to Ravy before the fall of Cambodia now captured his heart with love. He knew that it was God who had spared his life from the starvation and violence common during the Pol Pot regime for the great purpose of His Kingdom.

Sokha was born and raised in the remote village of Siem Reap province, Cambodia. She is the second child in a devout Buddhist family and grew up learning about the various gods in the Buddhist religion. But God began to speak to her hard heart through her husband Ravy. Since 1996 she has served God with her husband as leaders at New Phnom Penh Baptist Church.


Ravy married Sokha in 1983. They have four children: Sunnary, Radha (Jr), Mina, and Rama, who also follow God with their lives.


Ravy completed the Theological Education by Extension (TEE) program.