Jose Pineda

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Ministry Focus

Pastor Jose Pineda was born in the indigenous community of El Limon, Gracias, Honduras. At age 19 he received the Lord and had a deep desire to serve God in his local church. After a preparation process and service for God’s work, he was ordained as a pastor in November 2018. His ministry is currently focused on training new believers, identifying the right people, training them through discipleship, and leading some of them throughout the process of how to start new churches in the mountains. He is also part of the team of teachers of the West Biblical Institute by Extension and works with Missions Door missionary, Victor Almendarez, training new pastors from all over this region. In addition, he is overseeing a network of churches to provide support and care. Jose shares with us: “I am motivated to carry out the Gospel. I know that there are so many people who do not know Jesus as I read in the Scriptures, ‘The harvest is great, and the workers are few.’ My vision is to create church multiplication networks in the mountains where I am serving the Lord.”

Faith Story

Pastor José received Christ in the local church of his community. He was baptized and served as deacon and in other ministries. He attended the Bible Institute from which he graduated in 2012 and has served in different roles and methods to do God’s work.


Diploma in Bible and Theology Bachelor of Science and Humanities




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Among poor but passionate people, family connections and festive occasions bring joy to life

Aside from the popular tourist spots of the Bay Islands and the Mayan ruins of Copán, the pristine Caribbean beauty of Honduras remains little known to international visitors.

But the country's exports are familiar abroad, especially in the United States. The natural resources of Honduras supply the trade of coffee, sugar cane and tropical fruit, as well as petroleum and textiles. Yet economic growth is limited by political instability and drug cartels that compromise security and development.

The people of Honduras show great passion for soccer and enjoy festive occasions with music and traditional punta dancing. They tend to keep their religious beliefs to themselves.

Extended families often live in close proximity. Hondurans welcome the company of friends and guests on the front porches of their homes, and communities gather on central plazas in most towns.

Your participation with Missions Door helps meet strategic and spiritual needs of communities in Honduras through pastoral training, leadership development, church planting, economic development, women's ministry and evangelism.

Cultural Snapshot

As Hondurans reenact the events of Holy Week, artists create elaborate sawdust carpets to decorate the trail where the figure of Jesus will walk to his crucifixion.

Faith Fact

Upper classes in Honduras predominantly adhere to Catholicism, while evangelical Protestant affiliation increases among the urban poor.

Country Profile

Population: 9 million

Major Religions: 97% Roman Catholic, 3% Protestant

Languages: Spanish (official), Amerindian dialects

Literacy: 85%

Poverty: 60%



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, Honduras