Héctor and Matilde Romero


Service Area: International

Ministry Focus

Héctor and Matilde were appointed as missionaries with Missions Door in 2018, serving the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Their goal is to reach families, young adults, children,  and all people in the Yucatan Peninsula. The Romeros preach the gospel and teach the Word of God in hopes of making a profound impact in the lives of the next generation.

Specifically, they serve as churches planters in the city of Campeche. This city is the capital of the state, Campeche, located in the Southeast of the country. From there, they work diligently to take the gospel to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. This peninsula of Mexico has the highest suicide rate of all Mexico and the state of Campeche is the poorest state in country.

The Romeros have taken on the challenge of entering places where the gospel has never been. In order to carry the gospel they use soccer, other sports and more tools as a means to connect with people, and thus reach their families with the powerful transforming message of Jesus Christ. They want to develop a Project called “10-35”, with the goal of planting ten churches by 2035. The priority of their ministry is to “make disciples” (2 Timothy 2:2). They work to form committed native leaders who are the next missionaries and pastors.

Héctor and Matilde work with children, adolescents and young adults, in a sports ministry, running a “Soccer School”. The goal is to bring the students and their parents into an encounter with Jesus Christ. The Romeros also work in Rehabilitation Centers, preaching the Gospel and teaching the Bible to young people with different addictions who have made a decision of salvation. Their goa lis to reach families and thus, achieve their integration into the church.

They continue to develop other ministries of evangelism like children’s camps, providing food for needy children, missionary conferences, hosting short-term teams and other special programs for families.

Faith Story

In 1987, Héctor was invited to an evangelism campaign. The message so impacted his life, that when he arrived home, he fell to his knees on the living room floor and accepted Christ as his savior. Six months later, God gave him the opportunity to accompany a missionary from the U.S. on a trip to find churches in the northern highlands of Puebla. It was there that God placed in him a passion for preaching the gospel, planting churches and teaching the Bible, and in 1989, God called him to ministry. Since 1995, he has served for more than 20 years as an evangelist and biblical teacher with the Word of Life organization, served in his church among youth, and both he and his wife, Matilde, support and plant churches in Mexico and Central America. Currently, Hector and Matilde focus primarily on the ministry of church planting in the state of Campeche.

For many years, Héctor was an evangelist with Palabra de Vida (Word of Life) Mexico, an administrator of a camp, director more than 12 different evangelism ministries within that organization, and has served as a missionary in the country of Honduras.

Matilde accepted the Lord as a child in 1979, while at church camp. At that same camp, she committed herself to Christ to be a missionary. At only 12 years old, God placed in her heart the passion to take the gospel to her family and get involved in the church near her home. In 1987, Matilde entered the Biblical Institute at Word of Life, where she came to better know her Savior. In 1990, she became a missionary with  the Word of Life organization, and served there for more than 27 years.


Matilde and Héctor were married in 1995. God did not give them biological children, however, they have received different children and young people in their home to be reached for Christ.


  • Héctor—Bachelor of Theology – Palabra de Vida Bible Institute, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Matilde—Bachelor of Theology – Palabra de Vida Bible Institute, Buenos Aires, Argentina