Tyler Stibrich


Service Area: Campus Ambassadors

Ministry Focus

Tyler first got involved with Damascus Road Tucson in 2009. As a college freshman he attended a barbecue for all the new freshmen at the University of Arizona where he met Ryan Miller, who was there with his younger brother Colin.

After forming this connection, Tyler began attending church at Damascus Road and got involved in every community group he could and attended every event possible.

Very quickly Tyler became part of the Damascus Road community and wanted to get further involved. That meant he started attending service brainstorming meetings and running tech on occasional Sunday mornings.

Tyler’s involvement continued to grow each year, and before his third year he felt called to teach.
After being trained, he is now a regular teacher on Sunday mornings.

In 2012, set to begin his final year of college, Tyler was appointed with Missions Door as a ministry intern and serves on staff as an assistant campus minister at Damascus Road, where he helps reach out and serve the University of Arizona and Damascus Road communities.

Faith Story

Tyler was baptized and raised in the faith by his parents. They regularly attended church, and Tyler attended private Christian schools from preschool through high school. His parents and the community he grew up in laid a strong foundation for his faith.

Tyler knew the Bible well, but it wasn’t until high school when he truly began to understand it and experience a personal relationship with Christ. This came as a result of involvement in his church’s high school youth group, his relationships with teachers and classmates and the car accident in May of his junior year when Tyler tangibly experienced God’s grace, love and mercy, and began to see God had a plan for him.

From that growth, Tyler was prepared to follow God, who led him to choose the University of Arizona for college, and more importantly, to Damascus Road, where he has undergone his greatest growth.

Tyler continues to seek God’s plan for him, and in May 2012, he renewed his baptism to proclaim his faith and commitment to following the path God sets before him.


Like Tyler, both his parents grew up in Christian homes. They met while in high school in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, where much of their extended family still lives. His father Joe is an engineer for the city of Aurora, Colorado, where Tyler grew up and his parents still live.

His mother JoAnn is the director of the preschool at their church, where she demonstrates her love and passion for God and his children every day.

Tyler is the youngest of three children. His sister Stefanie is also the director of a preschool in Boulder, Colorado, and his brother Scott is an engineer in Denver.