Nicaragua Torrential Flooding

This October Southwestern Nicaragua endured disastrous flooding affecting thousands.
You could give the Christmas gift of a home to a Nicaraguan family left homeless by this natural disaster.

Chinandega, Nicaragua, a center-point for many Missions Door missionaries, was flooded when 15 inches of rain pounded the area in 24 hours. This heavy rainfall caused landslides, flooding, and other damage, affecting over 6,000 people, taking multiple lives, and destroying over 500 people’s homes.

Pastor Rigoberto Reyes works in Los Rieles, a community devastated by the flooding. This community, like most in Nicaragua, is desperately impoverished and now has lost their humble homes. That is why we need your help.

Some of you would have the means this Christmas season to take a homeless family and literally house them in the name of Jesus. A gift of $2,400 will rebuild an entire home for a family in Los Rieles.

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