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Seven hours from Costa Rica’s bustling capital of San José, the Guaymí (also called the Ngöbe) tribe lives largely secluded from modern society. A quiet and rural people, they are one of the oldest indigenous groups in Central America, and still preserve their distinct and rich culture as they have for centuries.

Yet modern industry has made it difficult for the Guaymí to sustain their unique way of life, with as many as 90% living on less than $2 a day. Missions Door missionary Marvin Cabrera has been serving the Guaymí community for a number of years, sharing the good news of Christ by starting new churches and developing social programs.

During the summer of 2015, Iglesia Real Colorado, a church in Aurora, Colorado went to Altamira, Costa Rica to help build a church. There they met Pastor Felipe who leads a church in a very remote Guaymí village called Altos de Rio Claro, which can only be reached by hiking for hours.

Pastor Felipe would like to own a chainsaw that could be used for an economic development project. In the jungle many people use lumber to build their homes, so they have to cut trees.  Felipe could make some money for his financial support by providing this service to people in the Guaymi community, but he doesn’t have the financial resources to purchase one.

In January 2016, Jose Quesada, pastor of Iglesia Real Colorado and Missions Door missionary, will be traveling to Felipe’s  village and would like to take a chainsaw to him.

Partner With Us

We need your help to cover the trip expenses and also to purchase the equipment. Pastor Jose needs to raise $3,000 to accomplish this goal. Your partnership with us will help Pastor Felipe financially, so he can continue to reach his own people for Christ.

Countries Served

Costa Rica

Ministry Areas

  • Community and Economic Development
  • Resourcing Indigenous Ministry
  • Starting Churches
  • Targeted Evangelism

Fund Oversight

Jose Quesada