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Sustaining the work and witness of Gospel messengers, locally and globally

Maybe you already know one or more of the 250 missionaries and spouses who serve Jesus Christ under Missions Door in more than 20 countries.

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Volunteer affiliates serve side-by-side with many missionaries to help raise funds and coordinate ministry efforts. Some affiliates raise funds to help cover their travel and expenses.

If you are contributing support through your gifts and prayers—thank you, and God bless you.


Rodriguez, Ramon and Ana

Romero, Hector

Romero, Joseph

Rowe, David and Hazel

Rowley, K.


Sabuni, Ndulu

Salazar, Elohim et Karla

Sanchez, Erick and Yoamy

Shook, Jill and Anthony Manousos

Slaiger, John et Sue

Spadafino Ortiz, Luisa

Sta. Ana, Rene and Thelma

Stadler, Lily

Stanford, Lloyd and Nancy

Steer, Paul et Tania

Stewart, Tim and Karen

Stibrich, Tyler

Suddarth, Tim and Rachael

Terrazas, Elmer and Eidy

Tesfaye, Workneh and Tersit

Trejo, Armando

Vega, Fredy

Vega, Selvin

Walters, Justin and Emily

Waters, Phil and Sharyn

Weisbaum, Cary

Wellington, Kadijatu and Kashope

White, Mack and Joan

Williams, Morgan

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Missions Door is pleased to partner with affiliate organizations for mutual support, encouragement, and the advancement of God's work globally.




Fairbanks, Ron and Idalia

Mathieu, Claude and Huguette

Missionary 94097CM

Nielsen, Eric and Valerie

Rokeby, Andrew and Tanja




Henderson, Daniel and Judith




Davis, Libby

Fox, Jessie and Daniel

Gober, Rachel