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Update: Former Student in College Ministry Becomes Pastor

October 19, 2022

Campus Ambassador to the University at Buffalo, Tim Stewart, has amazing news! Years ago, a young man named Chris started coming to his college ministry. Chris has just become a Christian. He attended CA for about a year, but then Tim never heard from him again. This summer, Tim was asked to sit in on an ordination council for Chris. He was becoming a pastor in Buffalo! It was obvious that Chris had spent a lot of time learning scripture. His knowledge was incredible and his ability to wisely handle difficult questions and scenarios was amazing. Chris gave Tim a…

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Update: Honduran Workshop Bringing Women to Christ

October 18, 2022

Missions Door missionaries, Paul and Tania Steer, report that twenty-four women have graduated from their skills training center and want to learn more about the bible. Tania created this workshop to teach women cooking, baking, and sewing. She encourages these women, many of whom are single mothers, rape victims, widows, and thirteen-year-old girls who are already mothers. She’s trained seventy so far. Tania must be discrete when she shares the gospel for several reasons. One, Hondurans are typically mistrustful of non-Catholics. Two, men forbid women to listen to evangelicals. And three, religious culture prohibits unmarried women who are baptized Catholic…

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Update: Ministry Equip Net Sees Influx of Ex Mormons

October 15, 2022

Missions Door missionary, Harry Olsen, currently leads Ministry Equip Net, an online two-year bible certificate program for church planters, pastors, and church leaders. Harry reports that his largest contingent of new and continuing students is in Utah, many of whom are ex-Mormons and eager to know the truth of God’s word! Praise God! Support Harry here.

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Update: Messianic Jew Reunited with Bible Teacher After 67 Years

October 12, 2022

Missions Door missionary, Vincent Morgan, reports incredible news. Vincent is a missionary to the Jewish people. Last month, he along with one of the world’s top Messianic Jewish teachers, Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, hosted a camp focused on the Jewish background of the bible. Arnold was born in Siberia in 1943, during World War II to German Jewish parents who had fled the Holocaust. He and his family eventually ended up in Brooklyn, NY. Arnold began to attend bible studies near his new home. His father allowed him to attend as long as a young girl by the name of Molly,…

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Update: Deaf Program in Peru Was a Success

October 9, 2022

Missions Door missionary, Rachel Gober, reports that her recent trip to Peru was a success. Rachel works with Signs of Love to teach sign language to Deaf people who live in rural areas of Peru and may not know sign language and how to communicate with people. She also teaches them the gospel, starts bible studies, and is trying to plant a Deaf church. Rachel and her team recently put on a program in Cajabamba, where they taught Deaf children and families about God. The theme was “strong love,” and the program was about God’s strong love for us and…

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Update: Deaf Girl in Argentinian Village Finds Hope

October 8, 2022

Missions Door missionary, Jessie Fox, has made contact with a Deaf nine-year old girl who doesn’t know sign language in a small village in Argentina. Jessie’s team was able to communicate with the girl by writing their names on her arm with their fingers, and vise-versa. The girl’s face lit up with joyous surprise when she realized they weren’t like everyone else. She jumped on Jessie’s team member and hugged her tightly! Her mom said through tears that she’d been looking for someone to help her daughter for nine years. Her team told the girl’s mom about God’s hope and…

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Update: Jewish Man Saved and Being Discipled

September 23, 2022

This summer, an unsaved Jewish man approached Missions Door missionary, Mottel Baleston, after he spoke at a church located in a strongly Jewish suburb of Las Vegas. The man came with his believing wife and was open to the gospel. He willingly prayed with Mottel and came to saving faith. Mottel is happy to share that the man has been faithfully attending his weekly Zoom discipleship meetings. Praise God! Support Motell here.

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Teaching Tolerance and Truth

September 2, 2022

A group of college students are gathered around, listening to each other’s opinions. In their midst are donuts and a large sign that reads, “Is there absolute truth?” Students of all faiths and non-faiths give their input, respectfully challenging one another. It’s a breath of fresh air in comparison to how most discourse happens nowadays. One of the students involved in the discussion is a Norse pagan. She approaches Garrett, the Campus Ambassador who organizes this. “I’ve learned more about communication, sharing dialogue, and learning from one another in these meetings than from any of my communications classes and professors,…

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Preaching the Jewishness of Jesus

August 26, 2022

Cary stands at the edge of the Mount of Olives, taking in the glorious site. There are green trees as far as the eye can see, although they are no longer olive trees. There’s a heaviness in the air. It’s the 70’s and the October War has just happened, At this time, Cary is an atheist or at least a serious agnostic. His father passed away in high school, leaving him feeling empty. Maybe it’s because he’s in the Holy Land, but he can’t stop thinking about God. “Lord, if you’re out there, give me a sign,” he says on…

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Providing Affordable Education to Inner-City Students

August 19, 2022

An instructor steps into his class, placing his laptop case on his desk. He sits down and opens his computer, waiting for his college students to shuffle in. “Good evening,” he greets them, one by one. He scans his class, nervously doing a headcount. A student approaches his desk. “William’s locked up,” the student informs him. “Got into some trouble with his cousin.” The instructor’s heart sinks. He nods his head, and the student finds a seat. There’s a small sense of relief. Last semester, a student of his suddenly stopped coming to class and he found out later that…

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Reaching Honduras’ Toughest Prisoners

June 9, 2022

A prisoner’s bones ache. He sleeps on the hard ground because there aren’t enough beds in the facility. He awakes to the excited chatter of one of his cell mates. “Care packages,” his cell mate announces. The prisoner gets up. His stomach growls. There’s never enough food; just beans. The care packages are a nice treat – toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper. It’s funny that a pastor would want to send these gifts to some of the worst criminals in Honduras. But then again, four of these prisoners are now pastors themselves because of the prison ministry. People are getting baptized…

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Ministering to One of America’s Most Dangerous Reservations

May 12, 2022

Wind River, Wyoming is a reservation with incredible people, plagued by two heartbreaking issues: post-colonialism and meth. It’s the fifth largest Native American reservation by population. Almost 27,000 people live on the reservation, and around 12,000 of them are from the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes. The community has a horrific colonial history. In the past, Natives were dispossessed from their land, forced to assimilate, ripped away from their families, and had to watch their culture be destroyed. While they’ve managed to revive and keep their rich traditions alive today, the legacy of colonialism has led to generations of…

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Giving Language to the Voiceless

May 5, 2022

“Do you know anyone in this village who’s deaf?” It’s a question Jessie and her team ask regularly in rural areas of Honduras. The person at the door tells them about a deaf gentleman who lives with his parents and gives them directions to find his home. “Do you know his name?” Jessie also asks. As expected, the person shakes their head. Jessie and her teammate, a Honduran deaf man, go search for him. They arrive at the steps of his humble home and knock on the door. A woman answers, looking a little tired. Jessie warmly introduces herself and…

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From Joseph Smith to Jesus Christ

January 6, 2022

“I see you’re from Utah. Are you a Mormon?” Marv Cowan was checking into a motel in St. Louis when he was asked that question by the desk attendant, Bill. As a Christian missionary to the Latter-Day Saints (LDS), he was used to being the one who asked that question. “I used to be. I’m not anymore because I became a Bible believing Christian,” Marv replied. Bill looked surprised at his answer. “Why did you leave Mormonism?” he asked. Marv began to explain how the LDS historical stories aren’t accurate and how Mormon doctrine is unbiblical. The desk attendant listened…

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The Student With Blue Hair

December 16, 2021

Chris’s phone pinged. It was Madelyn. She was trying to find him amongst the sea of college students. He laughed. It shouldn’t be too hard to pick out the only senior citizen in the plaza. His metal chair grated against the concrete as he pushed it back and stood to be more visible. After the hundreds of students he’d met with over the years, he was a little nervous about this one. She seemed a bit . . . well, prickly. Finally, a girl walked towards him. “Was I right or was I right?” he thought. Her blue hair stood…

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There at the Right Moments

November 18, 2021

Elizabeth Cernoia sighed. Her student had cancelled. Now she was at campus hours early for no reason. It wouldn’t make sense to go all the way back home and come back to Fitchburg State just a few hours later, so she’d just need to kill some time. She had some reading she needed to get done anyway. Unfortunately for Elizabeth, her unofficial office was in “The Hub”—a commuter lounge filled with students. As a campus minister, it was the perfect place to jump into the action of people’s lives. But as someone trying to get work done, it was less…

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So That Israel May Be Saved

November 5, 2021

Deep melodic Hebrew rings clearly in the room, the words of the prophet Jeremiah reaching every ear. A white canopy stretches overhead like a cloud, and underneath it a young man lifts his foot to stomp on a piece of cloth, crumpled on the floor. The glass carefully wrapped inside shatters with a thrilling pop, accompanied by a harmonized and joyous shout of “Mazel tov!” Rabbi Mottel Baleston has just officiated a Jewish wedding ceremony. The bride and groom are devout worshippers of Jesus Christ. Just like he is.  Mottel goes by Pastor/Rabbi. He understands the concern his brothers and…

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The Scam That Led to Salvation

October 25, 2021

Ben Joseph was the son of a Hindu to Christian convert, born in Kerala, India. While he was raised going to church, he wasn’t interested in any spiritual matters. In the 70s, he began working for a businessman who assisted in sending people to the United States and Canada. The man promised Ben that he would send him to America one day, and true to his word, he did. The businessman wrote Ben’s Christian testimony, sent it off to American Bible colleges, and pleaded on Ben’s behalf for a scholarship to attend their school and enter ministry. Ben was accepted…

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The Muslim Apologist Overwhelmed by Christian Love

October 19, 2021

Ahmed was born in 1969 in Alexandria, Egypt to a devout Muslim family. In college, he co-founded the Voice of America radio station fan club. After serving in the military, he began preparing to be a Muslim apologist. Because of his work with Voice of America, he was given a grant to come to Washington, D.C. Meeting Christians in America In D.C., Ahmed met three people in a car asking for directions. After speaking with them, they recognized his Egyptian accent and began to speak to him in Arabic. They were Middle Eastern Americans from Chicago, and they invited Ahmed…

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The Recovery House of Worship – a Church Started by Drug Addicts

October 4, 2021

Edwin Colon is the co-founder and pastor of the Recovery House of Worship in Brooklyn, New York. He describes his church as a refuge for the marginalized and his congregation being filled with murderers, prostitutes, and drug addicts. But Edwin tells his church regularly that he’s the worst sinner of them all. Edwin’s downward spiral to addiction started when most children were still watching cartoons. At eleven, he began his relationship with alcohol, dropped out of school after 6th grade, and started using cocaine before he became an adult. When he turned eighteen, he qualified for a twelve-step program. It…

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