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June 2021 NetWork NewsCast – Christ Communities

We typically define communities by where we find them geographically — where they’re located. But for Missions Door, our Christ communities are best defined as people coming together with a common interest for learning, fellowship, support services, and in all cases, a desire to know and love Christ.

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New pastors go above and beyond

Every three months, new believers walk from remote mountains and villages. They ride buses and boats for up to 18 hours, often not knowing where they will sleep and what they will eat when they arrive at their destination.

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March NetWork NewsCast – Serving where you started

How often have we heard, “No one could possibly understand what I’m going through?” In today’s world, the need has never been greater to find others that genuinely understand struggle — and bring us a message of hope. At Missions Door, our mission is to raise up people within a culture, to be missionaries who stay and serve their culture.

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January NetWork NewsCast – From Rodeos to Rural Revival

Missions Door is entering a new season of ministry in 2021. We are retooling and refreshing our ministry structure and will begin engaging in new initiatives to strengthen and multiply the spread of the Gospel through a network of culturally-authentic Christ communities.

Welcome to NewsCast — our new resource providing you with highlights found throughout the ministry network of Missions Door.

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Wonderful Time of the Year

As I was driving to the church, the Andy Williams’ song came on the radio. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” I looked down the poverty-stricken streets full of mud and shacks made of wood scraps and cardboard. “Do the people of Valle Verde feel it’s the most wonderful time of the year?”

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A God-Inspired Love for Big Cities

For as long as he can remember, Mark Marchak has always loved big cities—the people, the diversity, the hustle and bustle. It was a passion for him to visit major cities, and he was especially drawn to New York City (near where he grew up as a third generation Russian).

Living through the 60s and 70s, Mark saw dramatic scenes of injustice. Poverty exists around the world. Segregation was finally outlawed by the Civil Rights Act, but severe discrimination still remained. Laws could change but society would not. With changes in immigration laws, the nation was a cauldron of demographic shifts and growing injustice.

Many churches in urban areas were unable to survive during this time.  They were simply unable—or most likely unwilling—to adapt to the overwhelming demographic changes.

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The Guatemala Story: How God used One Family to Impact a Nation for Christ & His Kingdom

How does God work in our world? Throughout history, God has called and empowered ordinary people to follow Him and impact the world with the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The Guatemala story is no different. One family in Guatemala holds this testimony, as their obedient steps of faith opened the door for thousands of people to receive the gift of the Gospel. It all began with Otto and Rosa de la Cruz accepting God’s call in 1990 to plant a church in Belize. For three years, the Lord was carefully preparing them for what lied ahead, and eventually He led them to return to their home country of Guatemala. No one could have ever expected the successful ministry that Otto and his family ushered into Guatemala, but the miraculous works of our God were soon to be displayed.

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A Bridge between Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Along the highways and inside the towns, signs are posted to encourage people in the Navajo Nation to stay home. “STAY HOME, PROTECT YOUR FAMILY”, many of them say. Aggressive measures and curfews have taken place among the Navajo people to protect themselves from the virus. Even so, COVID-19 hit the nation’s rural people particularly hard this year. In May, the Navajo Nation surpassed New York state for the highest infection rate per capita among any other U.S. state. They have seen almost ten thousand cases and over 500 deaths as a result. Much of the tribal elders and leadership have tragically passed away because of the virus.

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Following a Divine Path

The Lord has been carefully preparing him for the next step throughout his life. Now, at Missions Door, we are thrilled to announce John Benza as the newest member of our Strategic And Leadership Team (SALT). John comes from a background of quick acceleration in the business world as well as ministry. After faithfully following the Lord’s direction from business to ministry, and from California to Colorado, John has been led to Missions Door to serve as the Vice President of Partner Relationships. We are so excited to introduce him to you!

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