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Empowering Potential within the Body of Christ

Louis Mann sipped his coffee contentedly as he listened to Gary excitedly share about the ministry happening at his church. For Louis, this face-to-face time with his CB Matrix leaders is one of his favorite aspects of ministry.

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A Home Away from Home

“Is this even making a difference?” thought Mary Jane. The sun was beginning to set as the women gathered their things to head home.  The group had just arrived back at student housing after an afternoon of hiking in the mountains outside Salt Lake City.

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Responding to God’s Call

For Nancy Pitrowiski, the last-minute trip to Lebanon had been a whirlwind process. But she knew God had her there for a reason, and when He calls her to do something, Nancy doesn’t hesitate.

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Hot Dogs & Jesus

The smell of hot dogs filled the student union. Sally Henien worked with excitement as her team finished setting out condiments and buns for the annual Hot Dog Giveaway, an outreach event that partners with local churches and campus ministries to give students free food.

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Rebuilding Hope in the Name of Jesus

North Fair Oaks, if you have even heard of it, is an easily dismissed area of Pasadena, California. To an outsider, this neglected neighborhood, where nearly 65,000 cars pass through its main street every day, leaves much to be desired. However, where most would see a neighborhood to cast aside, Missions Door missionary Jill Shook sees an opportunity for God to move mightily.

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Beyond the Walls of the Church

As Pastor Jose Quesada read a heartbreaking email from a woman he had never met, he could feel God stirring his heart to respond. The email was from a mother whose 27-year-old son, George, had suffered a massive stroke and had been placed at a hospital in Aurora in a coma.

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A Sign of God’s Love

Jessie Fox and Kathryn Groseclose have worked with many deaf individuals in Honduras, each so special and so loved. But when they met Ana, a young teenager who had started coming to their programs, they couldn’t help but be especially captured by her tender and caring heart.

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Intended for Evil

Dust clouded behind the car as Les took in the Cambodian countryside from the passenger seat. As they bumped along, Radha felt Samen reach over and grip his hand hard. For Samen, sharing the stories of their past was like digging up a box that had been buried under cement. But Les believed writing this book was important, and Radha knew he was right.

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In the Ministry of Reconciliation

A heavy mist cloaked the streets of the sleepy neighborhood. Early morning found most still in bed, warding off the start of another day. But young Kent Murahashi quietly slipped out his front door, books in one hand and Charlie Brown lunch box in the other. He knew he would be the first of his classmates to arrive at school, but he hoped to be long gone before his neighbor began his day.

He started down the walkway and rounded the corner, but he felt his pace quicken as he passed the large gray house that seemed to take over what felt like half the block. The only sounds were the shuffle of his worn out shoes against the wet pavement and the racing of his own heart.

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In the Neighborhood of Hope and Healing

Chrissy settled into an empty swing on the edge of the playground. She slowly swayed back and forth, with the sounds of children’s laughter and the steady creak of the rusty swing playing as the soundtrack to her thoughts.

After growing up in the comfort of the suburbs, Chrissy couldn’t imagine a life anywhere else, especially when raising a young family. So the fear quickly settled in when her husband, Jake, shared with her one evening that he felt they were being called to pursue inner-city ministry.

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