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Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly

The month of May sparked a movement like never before seen in the United States. A snowball effect from racial injustice exploded through the country and every media channel was spotlighting protests and riots. The movement fighting against racism has left an impact on the country, and it includes Missions Door missionaries.

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COVID-19 Among Campus Ministry

Learning to adapt has been the anthem in many of our lives over the past few months, and universities are certainly not immune. Fervent efforts by Campus Ambassadors, such as missionary Devynn Brankel, have gone toward adapting to the new normal under the shroud of COVID-19 and encouraging university students to continue pursuing the Lord in community and in His Word.

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A New Reality

In a country already paralyzed by environmental devastation and economic turmoil, Haitians are just not ready for the despair that Covid-19 brings. It’s a troubling time for people and the church across the country. But with despair comes a stubborn thirst for hope, and wills that are ready to surrender to something bigger, something greater, than a global crisis. Herode Guillomettre (or Pastor Guillo, as he is known) is a missionary in Haiti who has had countless encounters with people ready to quench this thirst.

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Mentoring and Discipling Amid Crisis

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and tighten its grip on the United States, economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal predict 14.4 million jobs will be lost in the coming months, and unemployment could soar to a record 13% by June. That is a grim forecast, considering that in times of crisis, seven out of 10 American families are one paycheck away from homelessness.

Lisa, who serves as Discipleship Director at Agape House in Prescott, Arizona, has a message of hope for families in distress. Yes, things are uncertain, but God is not. Things are changing every day, but God is the same — yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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My Fruit Grows on Your Tree

Paul and Jean Biggers have a very pragmatic approach with their amazing ministry that’s been helping people find and follow Jesus for more than 20 years of service with Missions Door. “We intentionally make time and space to connect with people who do not know God, and in a non-threatening environment,” Paul says.

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Breaking the Silence with a Message of Hope

When Morgen Cash speaks of the men, women and children she ministers to, she refers to them as “our Beloveds.” She says it in a reverent tone with an earnestness so powerful it’s as though she’s wrapping her arms around each of them in an embrace of divine love and acceptance.

She longs for them to hear the words themselves, but they never will. Their world is one of silence and isolation. They are among the 466 million people — over 5 percent of the world’s population — who have disabling hearing loss.

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Shepherding ‘Hidden Christians’ in the US & Japan

As Phil Waters transitions into semi-retirement, he remains in awe of God’s power as he reflects on the success of a career dedicated in service to Christ and the Japanese population both here and abroad.
After serving as missionaries in Japan for just under ten years, Phil and Sharyn Waters were appointed by Missions Door in 1989 to pioneer a Japanese church-planting ministry in the Greater Los Angeles area. Later they relocated to the San Diego area and shifted their emphasis to a Bible study focus, but their ministry continues to bear fruit not only here in the U.S. but half a world away.

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Advent—Expectantly Waiting for His Coming

Advent is about waiting—an expectant waiting for His coming.  Children can hardly wait to open the next window in the Advent calendar, and certainly can’t wait to open presents on Christmas Day or perhaps Christmas Eve.  For adults, Christmas is often about waiting as well—waiting in check-out lines, waiting in traffic, and waiting for special times with family and friends.  Sometimes the waiting is rewarded, while often disappointment overshadows the longing expectation of peaceful and joy-filled relationships

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Reaching the Unreachable Children

When you love someone, you will do anything for them. Jesus Christ puts that in our hearts. That belief is very much a part of the spiritual DNA that drives Patricia Bunk.

“I have always loved children who don’t have anything,” says Patti, who became a missionary with Missions Door in 2011 and three years ago started Door of Love, a children’s sponsorship program in Nicaragua. “God told me, I’m going to give you all of these children to take care of. It’s one more way I can share my love with children.”

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A Goal to Plant 100 Churches in 2020

Like a mighty army, moves the Church of God. Brothers, we are treading where the saints have trod. We are not divided. All one body we — one in hope and doctrine, one in charity.

Those words — the third verse of the beloved hymn Onward, Christian Soldiers — come immediately to mind as Rigoberto Reyes tells of church-planting ministry. Pastor Rigo, the Director of Ministry in Central America and the Caribbean for Missions Door, is building an army for Christ, and its ranks are growing at an unprecedented pace.

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