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Highlights from 2021

Director of campus ministries, Ryan Miller, goes over all the incredible stories we've shared about our missionaries.

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The Student With Blue Hair

Her blue hair stood up in spikes and her jacket was covered in political buttons that glared in the sun. Just from this angle he could read "she, her, hers," "love is love," and "out is in.”

"Madelyn! So nice to meet you,” he exclaimed. And he meant it.

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Fleeing War and Meeting a Missionary

Hot bright flames pour out from a city bus, swallowed whole by molten-orange clouds of smoke. Nelson Juarez watched behind a bush, still feeling the heat on his face. Communist guerrillas had stopped the bus he was on dead in its tracks, demanding that everyone on board get out.

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Helping Students Overcome Fear

Tyler leaned back, massaging his forehead. He could be an aerospace engineer right now, but he surrendered his degree to be a missionary to college students. And one student he'd been pouring into was probably the most pessimistic person he'd ever met.

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There at the Right Moments

Campus ministers at FSU spend a lot of time in public places, which is made possible by support through Missions Door. Walking to class, eating lunch, studying. They want to be there for the unexpected conversations that change lives, just like Diana’s.

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Sowing in Cambodia’s Killing Fields

Cambodia, 1989 – Radha eyes a woman selling her finest flowers. It’s a typical market, with the chatter of customers bargaining in Khmer mixing with a familiar scent of foods and spices. He isn’t interested in groceries or even flowers. But he needs to speak with that florist.

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So That Israel May Be Saved

Rabbi Mottel Baleston has just officiated a Jewish wedding ceremony. The bride and groom are devout worshippers of Jesus Christ. Just like he is. 

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